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Select Your Product

Select one of the avalible aisle markers. While selecting your product consider the rebate options listed below.

Place Your Order

You can place your order in multiple ways one is through this website or by contacting one of our sales reps.

Personalize Your Store

One of our sales reps. will contact you to get your assets for your retail space. This can include colors, logos, images, etc...

*Terms & Conditions

Rebate Scale

i. Orders placed before July 18th get 15% refund., ii. Orders placed before July 31st get 10% refund., iii. Orders placed before August 14th get 5% refund.

Bonus Credit

a. Orders over $2000 get a $200 credit toward signage & décor (expires 12-31-20)., b. Orders over $4000 get a $450 credit toward signage & décor (expires 12-31-20)., c. Orders over $6000 get a $700 credit toward signage & décor (expires 12-31-20)

Rebate Terms

a. Select the eligible product and pre-order your aisle markers before rebate due date., b. Order must be paid in full prior to due date to be eligible for rebate and credit., c. Decorworx will personalize the design of your aisle markers but only 2 design revision rounds will be allotted (More revisions void rebate)., d. Shipping price is additional to “eligible order value” and is not included in product price, or calculation of rebate or credit amounts.

Eligible Products/Pricing

a. Sintra Add-On Aisle Marker

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